| Find the best locations for your business

Find the right location for your is an easy-to-use tool for finding where your project will be successful.

Quickly check and benchmark demographics, business environment and travel time at any location.

In-depth market studies

> Who are the main actors on the market, where are the most relevant areas for your business

> The detailed demographics of locals at 100 meters

> The profile and number of passers-by at any address globally


Find the right location for your project

> The most relevant locations for opening a new physical business, for example: a restaurant, a store, a gym, a warehouse etc.

> The best local resellers for reselling your product in physical locations across the globe, such as restaurants, stores, etc.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

> Key and easy to understand insights for decision-making related to choosing a new location for opening your own business

> Easy export to intuitive and beautiful reports

> Fun to use


Instant access with Location Finder

Try our tool for free in six cities:

Bordeaux (France)
Nottingham (England)
Leipzig (Germany)
Tainan (Taiwan)
Sapporo (Japan)
Gangneung (Korea)

Key Insights


Traffic drivers

  • How popular is an address or an area depending on the time ?
  • Which amenities are the most popular within an area?


  • How are people distributed according to education level, age, profession etc.?

Influence area

  • How far can a venue reach in terms of delivery?
  • Where should you place your touchpoints to maximize your reach and avoid overlapping?

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